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Such splendor never before existed on the Islands until now! Now the Tikiyaki Corporation, once known for its ultra luxurious Tiki-themed aircraft, have taken their expertise and applied it to Waikiki Beach.


      When you first arrive, visitors cross the Mermaid Moat and park in front of our soaring A-frame entrance made of real Polynesian wood. An entire forest of rare Polynesian Pukka trees was cut to build this dramatic recreation of a real Polynesian chief's long house. The Tikiyaki Polynesian Village spared no expense to bring you an authentic Polynesian experience.

        Enter the air conditioned lobby through our gigantic doors made of real Polynesian glass, as you are greeted by two 9-foot carved Polynesian tikis that were made of the last of the native Pukka logs on the island. The dramatic entry way was designed by the famous architecture firm of Dewy, Cheatham & Howe.Settle into your room, replete with authentic Polynesian faux interior designed by famous designer I. M. Bland. Your room is an exact replica of what a high chief's room should have looked like in the days before the missionaries landed on the Islands.After a swim in our Polynesian reef shark pool, lined with razor sharp real Polynesian coral, enjoy a sunset cocktail at the Jungle Jetsetter Lounge.

       Enjoy one of our many one-of-a-kind cocktails such as a Headhunter, Poison Dart, Mermaid's Call, Shipwreck, Seaweed Swizzle or a Scurvy Irving. Or enjoy a flaming lava bowl for two, filled with a Jasmine & Jade or a Pele's Kiss--delectible libations made with real Polynesian ingredients and set on fire for a fun delight with an element of danger.

       The Tikiyaki Orchestra performs nightly in the Jungle Jetsetter Lounge! Sip your Mermaid's Call cocktail as you watch the beautiful sirens swim past the windows as they look out into the beguiling Mermaid Mote. See Marina the Fire-Eating Mermaid perform nightly with her Wet Waikians as she beckons unsuspecting visitors to their watery doom.

      When you are sufficiently hammered, stagger into the Hong Kong Gardens Restaurant and enjoy the best in Cantonese cuisine in all the Islands. The Hong Kong Gardens proudly serves Tikiyaki Egg Rolls, fresh out the deep fry fat. Try one of our award winning dishes created by executive chef Harry Ju. Your fortune cookie is guaranteed to bring you good fortune.


     If you're looking for something more up-scale, may wed recommend our 5-star restaurant, Chateau Leilani. This fine dining restaurant offers a top floor, unobstucted vew of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head as you sample the top shelf liquor cabient featuring the best of the best spirits in the world. Then settle into your exclusive table and eat up the amazing view as you and your special someone sup on decadent gourmet delights such as Lobster Thermadore, Chateaubriand Lailani, Beef Bourguignon, Chicken Almondine. Enjoy tantilizing desserts such as Baked Alaska, world famous Island Ambrosia and Cherries Jubilee.Or enjoy one of our nightly Luau's. Held outdoors, you can sit on the grass like a real Hawaiian and eat poi like a native. Enjoy our Polynesian dancers as they hula the night away under the tiki torches.


     After dinner, take a stroll down to Waikiki Beach and walk hand in hand on the moonlit coral sands before you pass out from all the food and booze.The following day, wake rested and take an exclusive island tour by Crazy Louie's Jalopy Jeep Tours. Visit the native village where the locals blow real Polynesian poison darts at you. But don't worry, your coma will only last a few hours. Then stop for lunch and swim in the piranha pool. See the Islands like a native.

        If you are the sporting type, there's no need to leave the hotel. Put on your shoes and enjoy "Aloha Balls"--our tiki bowling alley, exclusive to hotel guests only and featuring state of the art automated bowling lanes. Hit a strike and see the tiki's eyes light up.Its all here for you in Waikiki at the Tikiyaki Polynesian Village Resort.

Mid-Week Deal

(air fare, lodging or transportation not included)

Spend 3 wonderful days and enchanted nights in Waikiki's newest destination resort. *includes complimentary dinner for two at the 4-star Chateau Leilani Restaurant

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