Tikiyaki 5-0 is the smaller, "combo version" of Tikiyaki Orchestra. Ideal for smaller bookings...lounges, parties, small clubs etc .

Playing many favorites from the Tikiyaki Orchestra albums, but in a more stripped down style, as well as surf ,spy and exotica classics, Tikiyaki 5-0 takes the classic Tikiyaki sound, and gives it a little more edge.

Tikiyaki 5-0 :

Jim Bacchi - guitar, keyboards, percussion

Brian "Kassanova Kassan - Keyboards, Guitar

Jonpaul Balak - Bass

Pablo Baza - drums

"Tikiyaki 5-0 6 Song "Tone Control" EP CD

       "Tone Control" finds the Tikiyaki 5-0 quartet diving further into their blend of exotic surf, bringing in  in some a more aggressive surf edge with "El Atacor !", with accompanying video shot and directed by Frankie and The Poolboys/Pollo Del Mar brainchild Ferenc Dibronyi.
Then abruptly shifting gears with a more mid tempo, melodic vibe with "Sidewinder", written by our own Brian Kassan aka "The Kassanova".5-0 then finds themselves in more spy/soundtrack 
territory with "Leave the Gun....".
         For the cover songs, they continue with the spy soundtrack vibe with a sultry,swingin' version of John Barry's "The Ipcress File", followed then by an amazing mashup/medley of the Beatles classic "Eleanor Rigby' (Titled "Eleanor Bigsby", The Chantays "Pipeline" and the Pyramids classic "Penetration"...it's a bit of a psychedelic freakout. The EP then closes with a nice exotic reading of the classic "Quiet Surf", putting Tikiyaki 5-0 back in their familiar exotic surf territory.

Introducing The exotic sounds of Tikiyaki 5-0
Tikiyaki 5-0, is the smaller, pared down version of Tikiyaki Orchestra featuring core members .....Jim Bacchi on guitar, Brian Kassan on Keys and guitar, Jonpaul Balak on Bass, and Pablo Baza on drums  ....  
This ep showcases the band's exotic surf sound  , focusing on more a stripped down guitar driven surf  instrumental style, while still retaining the Tikiyaki exotica sound.
           This disc features  a few Tikiyaki 5-0 exclusie original tracks, as well as  covers of Arthur Lyman's "Taboo",  Les Baxter's "Enchanted Sea", "Song of Delilah" (done by both Lyman and Gene Rains) and a rousing cover of a cult  surf favorite "Shockwave" originally done by Zorba and the Greeks. There's tons of reverb drenched goodness on this disc, which is departure from the big sound of the Orchestra , but still destictively Tikiyaki.