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Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, The Tikiyaki Orchestra has been wowing audiences since 2008 with their own brand of Exotic Lounge music and unique and charismatic showmanship.

      Not simply content to replicate the sound of classic Exotica such as Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman, Tikiyaki, a 6 piece orchestra, led by main composer Jim Bacchi, pull many different musical food groups into the mix....Bachelor Pad Lounge, Crime Jazz, Surf, Spaghetti Western, Latin and Hawaiian music, to broaden the musical spectrum of what is known today as “Exotica”.

     Their 4 albums.... “StereoExotique” , “Swingin’’ Sounds for the Jungle Jetset”, "Aloha, Baby !" and "Idol Worship and other Primitive Pleasures" prove that, Exotica is not just background music for the swingin’ tikiphile, but you can actually hum along, due to catchy, concise and well crafted songwriting, something that was not always necessarily a main component of the original Exotica sound.


      The band has headlined many of the major Tiki Festivals in the US, including Tiki Oasis and Hukilau, always bringing with them an enthusiastic audience, and top notch showmanship. Their hometown sellout shows at venues like Don The Beachcomber are always a mjor event in Southern Califrnia's Tiki scene, and the records are celebrated internationally with a fanbase that goes as far as Spain to Tazmania !



2015 Dates :


New Year's Eve: Don the Beachcomber, Sunset Beach, CA

January 24, Hip Kitty, Claremont, CA

March 7, Hip Kitty, Claremont, CA

June 5, Brand Library, Glendae CA

August 13th Tiki Oasis, San Diego

Oct 31st, Mayflower Club, North Hollywood, CA


2014 Dates : 

June 7, Don The Beachcomber, Sunset Beach, CA
Sept 6, Don The Beacvhcomber, Sunset Beach, CA


Booking Information :

Download Tikiyaki Orchestra One Sheet


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