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Building Paradise IN  Paradise

The making of Tikiyaki Polynesian Village Hotel

The Tikiyaki Polynesian Village was constructed at great cost on the golden sands of Waikiki Beach. The well known architectural firm of Dewy, Chetham & Howe was contracted to draw up the plans and build the tropical destination.

     All the interiors were contracted to be designed by I.M. Bland-one of Hawaii's greatest interior designers. I.M. Bland chose the decor of the Shanghai International Trading Company (ShITCO) as the outfitter for the well appointed rooms.

    ShITCO was chosen for its hand made Island look featuring carved furniture made of real Polynesian driftwood and other found artifacts.

Artist's rendering of the Jungle Jetsetter Lounge, version 1.

Rendering courtesy I.M. Bland and ShITCO.

The soaring A-frame lobby, seen here under construction. Guests will enter the air conditioned lobby and pass by a giant hand-carved tiki. The enormous buttresses used as the ribs of the lobby's A-frame are made out of the last of the Hawaiian Pukka trees. These trees render the hardest wood that is able to withstand the wet and hot climate of Waikiki (left). Photos courtesy of Dewy, Chetham & Howe, LLC.

Workers erecting the walls on the fourth story. The floor for the up-scale restaurant "Chateau Leilani" can be seen to the right. Diners will have unobstructed views of Waikiki beach and Diamond Head while dining on the finest French and Polynesian cuisine.

The beginnings of the magnificent lobby's A-Frame. Note that none of the grounds have been improved as of this photo. The mermaid moat can be seen under construction, snaking around the lobby area. Photos courtesy of Dewy, Chetham & Howe, LLC.

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