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Rest In Peace,  "Steady Eddie" Cleland  :  1963-2013

As many of you know, our beloved drummer Eddie Cleland had been battling brain tumors for the past 6 years.His positive spirit took him from losing all his motor skills on his left side of his body to playing his first show with us in less than a year. Always remaining positive, his love for playing drums actually accelerated his healing process after both his surgeries. His kind spirit was felt by everyone he met. If you knew Eddie, you liked Eddie.

      His steady, keep it simple approach to playing with the Tikiyaki Orchestra really was the perfect fit for such a large band with so much going on, and he really kept us in the groove. He was easy to work with, fun to talk to, and just a pleasure to be around. Almost 5 years of great shows and memories. This is truly the end of an era. As the Tikiyaki Orchestra continues into the future, we will never forget our friend and drummer "Steady Eddie." Our condolences go out to his amazing wife Stephi, who was by his side and amazing through all his trials and tribulations, and to his entire family, and family of friends whose lived he touched with his kind spirit. Aloha Oe' and Rest in Peace.



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