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Finally, the classic debut album by The Tikiyaki Orchestra, “StereoExotique” (originally released 2007) is now available on vinyl.Get as LP only or save money  with the LP/T-Shirt Bundle.


Aloha Tikiyaki Ohana.

When we all got word that we were all grounded due to the joy killing pandemic, I decided to get the creative juices flowing and record some music.

Being that all band activity has been halted, I decided to record some Tikiyaki music here at the home studio using minimal instrumentation....

Basically guitars, and whatever percussion was laying around the studio...Bongos, a small gong, boobams (basically smaller, tuned, "Baby bongos") a single maraca that my daughter brought back fro me from a trip to Peru, and a toy tambourine.

The guitars were my main Schecter axe, a Beatle bass, and and an Eastwood baritone guitar, which is a something new i've been planning to use in Tikiyaki.

As to not be confused with either The Tikiyaki Orchestra or Tikiyaki 5-0, I'm calling this project "TIKIYAKI minus orchestra"...

It's 4 pieces of music recorded and written over 4 days....

minimal arrangements....sort of an "unplugged" feel, but with electric guitars. More spontaneous, and less detailed than the Orchestra or even 5-0 material, I'm calling it "Sketches with guitar and bongos"...

It's available as a digital download only ep for $5 on band camp, and will be on iTunes in the next few days.

Here is the band camp link.

Please stay safe and do what you can to stay sane in this tough time

- Aloha, Jim Bacchi



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Tikiyaki 5-0 : El Atacor, filmed and directed by Ferenc Dobronyi