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NOW, Host a Tikiyaki 5-0 show at your home Tiki Bar !






Become the ultimate Tiki Host by hosting a private show with Tikiyaki 5-0 for you and your closest friends at your amazing home Tiki Bar.


Similar to “Living Room Shows" , the private home  music performance experience has been a staple of touring for singer/songwriters for many years now.

With the  Home Tiki Bar Experience, you can  have Tikiyaki 5-0  in your incredible home tiki bar/space, or backyard/outdoor tiki space for a private, live appearance.


As a host, you can prepare your own party food or  make it a fun potluck, have your own guest bartenders mixing their own special cocktails, and really create an unique Tiki atmosphere for you and your own personal Ohana., and make it a total collaborative effort.


Costs :

Fee will vary depending on each individual situation and needs.(Inquire with your event details) You can co-host the band by charging a per person fee for entry, thus splitting the cost of the show, cocktails and food, creating an amazing VIP experience.

We suggest 60 or less  attendees for the most intimate  and personal experience.
You charge an admission to cover the costs and create an amazing tiki experience  for all involved.

What you’ll get : 


1 - 50 minute or 2 - 40 minute sets of Tikiyaki 5-0

Meet, greet and mingle  with the band.

Additional items  such as CD’s, T Shirts can be used  for guest gifts for an additional fee, or lets create a special VIP package.

Co-Branding and cross promotion via the Tikiyaki website, email-list  and Social Media Channels.... We brand this is as co-operative effort between Tikiyaki and you and your home bar .

We collaborate together to make a successful, fun, and custom, one of a kind event, that your guests will never forget.

ARE YOU PART OF A HOME BAR CRAWL ?  Our event can be the anchor and focal point of you area home bar crawl

Minimum Space Requirements :

Approximately 8x12’ performance space
Adequate electrical  for amplifiers and PA
A well lit performance area

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