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Aloha Oe' - Don the Beachcomber, Kona, Sam's Seafood.

16278 Pacific Coast Highway, Sunset Beach, CA

Over the past 10 years, The Tikiyaki Orchestra  has had the pleasure and honor of performing at this historic Tiki Temple, originally known as Sam's Seafood.

First as KONA, after the second incarnation of Sam's Seafood Closed, then as KONA then transitioned into Don The Beachcomber.

In July 2008, We performed the Ceremonial Blessing of the Hidden Village, which was a way to start out the re-birth of this amazing Tiki Temple, which was built in 1959 , and a landmark in Sunset beach originally known as Sam's Seafood.

We had Crazy Al Evans do a blessing, and we actually set up in the High Chief's Room (next to it), then MOVE THE ENTIRE SETUP into the Hidden Village, and perform the Blessing, then the 2nd set in front of the waterfall.

We got shut down by the cops, and KONA got a noise summons, making us, as far as I know, the First Lounge/Exotica Band to get shut down by the cops for being "too loud".

As well as a Mug retrospective show for our then drummer and Mug Sculptor/artist Dave Cohen aka Squid, we also performed The Jungle Jetsetter's New Year's Eve Ball as our last performance at what was KONA.

When KONA couldn't keep it's doors open, we rallied the troops to try to save it, and had a "last night of Kona" gathering in the bar. That was the first time I said goodbye to 16278 Pacific Coast Highway/Sam's Seafood/KONA.

Then in April 2009. Don the Beachcomber had it's grand opening, and we performed at that special event.

We also performed a Donn Beach birthday celebration, as well as record release parties, New Years Eve shows, a wedding , and lots of other amazing shows with our friend and amazing Fire eating mermaid, MeduSirena Marina.

So many great shows, and amazing times.
I don't know what will happen to the original temple that housed Sam's Seafood, Kona and Don's at 16278 Pacific Coast Hwy in Sunset beach...I'm guessing the wrecking ball will come in, "Pave paradise, and put up a parking lot" as the song says. 

I hear the Don's will relocate all that amazing decor and history at another location. I really do hope that happens, if the inevitable wrecking ball scenario is the fate, as we as the Tiki Community all dread.

Progress is bitch. If you have an historic, vintage Tiki Temple in your town...visit it often...these places all have an expiration date.

I'm really glad I got to perform our 10th Anniversary show there only a few weeks ago, on my 55th Birthday...March 3rd. It was a really great way to celebrate it all, and say a proper farewell. I'll be there this weekend, not in performer capacity, just to take it all in, one last time.

Aloha Oe', Sam's Seafood/Kona/Don the Beachcomber , thanks for all the amazing times .

- Jim Bacchi, The Tikiyaki Orchestra 

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