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Announcing Tikiyaki Orchestra partnership with SEDO Audio and Chord and Major Earphones

The Tikiyaki Orchestra has partnered up with SEDO Audio in promoting and endorsing Chord and Major's  "World Music" model earphones. Chord and Major earphones are super high fidelity earphones, which are designed and manufactured specifically for various genres of music (jazz, classical, rock, ballad and world music) , specifically aimed at those particular genre's tonal charicteristics and instrumentation frequency responses. 

       Boasting a high quality physical design, beautiful aesthetics and broad frequency response, and packaged in a beautiful teak colored, moisture resistant  wooden case, these earphones are an audiophile's dream.They also come a special Tikiyaki Orchestra pakaging, when youn order with the special Discount Code below, making them a true "Tikiyaki Orchestra signature model" !
     The World Music model is ideal for listening to The Tikiyaki Orchestra's atmospheric sound, emphasizing the many layers of percussion beautifully, especially the vibes, as well as the organic bass, guitar and keyboard textures, making them the ideal personal listening experience for The Tikiyaki Orchestra's recordings. So, get yours today !

Click HERE to purchase a pair of these amazing headphones.

Be sure to use the DISCOUNT code "TIKI"  for a 10% discount when purchasing.

See the Tikiyaki Orchestra Chord and Major page here

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